We are a carpet and rug production company whose expertise lies in our team, which boasts over 40 years of experience in carpet manufacturing. We work hard to provide the market with textiles which meet the highest standards of quality, design and service in Floor Coverings.

Today, our expertise in carpet production means we have the ability to meet all decorative and practical needs, offering our clients an impressive range of techniques, materials, colours and designs.


The spool of strong thread which makes up the DELTA FAMILY stretches back to almost a century ago. It all began in the third decade of the 20th century. In the 1950s, the great-grandfather of the current management team founded HIJO DE ANDRÉS MÁS ADSUAR, a company specialising in the manufacture of esparto grass and hemp yarn fabrics. Crevillente is the home of carpets.Carpets give Crevillente its identity, its culture, and its international recognition. And Francisco Más Carreres, steeped from an early age in the traditions of Crevillente, would use all of the experience gained in his family business to found DELTA ALFOMBRAS, S.L. in 1993.


We have a first-rate team of professionals, all greatly experienced in the carpet and rug manufacturing sector. This second-generation family is always striving for excellence in all relationships amongst its employees.


All of our production processes are carried out in Spain, meaning that our products are 100% Made in Spain: pure virgin wool, thread, dye, weaving and finishes.We contribute to maintaining a national industry and all of the jobs that go with it and are deeply committed to fostering young talent. 

Our products are analysed by the country’s leading laboratories and we are members of AITEX (The Institute for Textile Technology). From a technical perspective, the closeness of all of our processes allows our clients to enjoy a personalised experience, following the production ‘in situ’. This bespoke service ensures maximum efficiency and client care, supplying carpets cut to size, making fitting easier. In addition to the domestic market, we also have a significant international presence, supplying major importers and distributors.


We combine knowledge and traditional techniques with the latest, most advanced technology on the market, raw materials  of an impeccable quality, and superb design to provide our clients with quality, bespoke products. To guarantee superior results, our experts carefully check all materials used, and once the final product has been created, it then goes through a thorough analysis and quality control to ensure that it meets quality and customer satisfaction standards.


Wilton is a term that describes the type of machinery and the resulting carpet. On the Wilton loom, the pile area is made by periodically inserting thicker or thinner and higher pile rods. This means it is possible to achieve unique structures, both in loop designs (different heights) and in combinations with cut pile, as well as in creating different volumes, providing texture and striking visual effects.

Wilton looms are characterised by their great versatility: it is possible to weave loop pile carpet, cut carpet or a combination of both, with different heights and designs. The looms are also equipped with computers whose programmes allow maximum flexibility when choosing design and colour.


In order to offer a comprehensive service to our clients, we work in three different ways: